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    Our Philisophy:
    The internet and all our devices online 24/7 has changed our lives. We look for connectivity in many aspects of our lives. Our bespoke solutions merge  daily tasks into an online experience. We offer guidance and advice to make you choose the right solution for a range of problems you maybe facing regarding technology. We welcome you to take time, to email or phone us so we can also have a conversation and maybe meet with you in person if possible. We will take the time to show you how our solutions are innovative and come with our backup support via being on site or remotely. 35 years in the IT industry allows us to have the exprience and knowledge to guide you in the right direction. 

    Customer list:
    We value our customers. Their needs and difficulties are the reason we offer our services. We need to continue in this business for many years to come and to do so we look after them as if they were our own family. If you are interested in our customer list email us and we will arrange a meeting and come see you and tell you more about our company.

    Try us and see what so many other people are so happy about, when using www.allinoneonline.com.

    Our Projects
    Customers often have ideas which may become one of our projects. It may be something totally new or a feature they need somewhere they do not already have. We take pride and have a high level of professionalism in what we do. With over 30 years experience with IT and many aspects of it, we keep pace with innovative solutions. Ask us more about what we have done for others.

    Our Online Products, just our best buys from real customers. 
    Our online catalog is very limited. We don't like being called an online shop. When you ask us for a computer part we search all our suppliers worldwide for the best prices. This can take a few days. We put those current best sellers ONLY on our website as products TEMPORARILY. 

    Our pricelists change so very often so we don't want to have them online anymore. We far rather send you an email for a specific product and offer you a price and comparisons of similar products as well to give you some options. Our customers actually prefer this and love it !  

    Onsite/Offsite Hardware Support & Software Repair
    Computer Repairs, Network Consultations, Backup Solutions, Data Recovery,  CyberSecurity, Microsoft Windows, Linux & Unix, Sun, Apple Mac, embedded product firmware, automated control systems, etc.  

    IP Surveillance/Security 
    IP cameras provide a much needed functionality which we use fully in our existing solutions. Traditional alarm systems were very much hands on, but our legacy projects combine old and new. Our bespoke alert/security/alarm systems in the past have had online connectivity with SMS and 2 way internet connectivity. We have made some wonderful projects for clients that mix old and new technologies.   

    Disaster Prevention and Recovery
    We care about your data. It is very important to be very careful no matter what when trying to fix any type of damaged system. We always assure and tell the customer what is best at times when they are desparate due to some unforseen accident.

    Programming to solve real life problems
    Many of our solutions do not have to be based on just one platform. We can also mix programming languages to achieve the disired result. It could be usung C , Delphi, Python, Visual Basic, Perl or PHP. That really depends on what exactly we want to solve.

    Embedded Solutions

    The internet of things has given us so many new tools to work with. We use embedded solutions to solve those problems by adding automation, communication and functionality where it is needed in the home or in the work industry.

    Online Tracking
    We can track people, cars, assets or animals. Our interest came from a few existing clients who valued our support and wanted to move to us, as they were not happy where they were. We soon got to grips with many different tracking devices and reached out many tracker manufacturers to see differences and benefits of various products. We were happy to have learnt a lot in the process and our customers are very happy with what we offer them.

    Mobile Apps for Tracking
    If you don't want to buy a tracker you can convert use your mobile as a tracker using our mobile app. Email or Call us for more information. 

    Website Development
    We have a varied portfolio of work. Everyone wants a unique website. There are so many content management systems to start from including  Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, just to name a few. Speak to us to show you some examples and maybe help you decide how to go from there.

    Domains, Hosting, Emails  & Backups
    With a website are comes databases, email setups, anti hacking tools, backups and much more. Speak to us on your options here if you want us to be your Admin and keep things running smoothly.

    Bulk SMS
    We offer 2 solutions here both very different.

    We have an offline and online solution. The offline enables you to send automated SMS using your personal mobile number. These get charged to your own phone bill monthly.

    The online solution uses a "Sender ID" which needs to be registered and get approved for before sending SMS. It is required by all local providers in Cyprus. You are required to give your company details etc. to proceed to use such a system. This Sender ID is what is displayed when you look at who sent you an SMS ie. contact name etc. 

    Cybersecurity/Anti Hacking
    It is very important to be able to know when one is being hacked. We have tools for this. Contact us for more information.

    Networks - Bad Configurations Dangers of Outside Access 
    We help guard against attacks, check for weaknessess in networks. We help build layer upon layer of security. This is a very involved topic that cannot be covered in this brief overview.


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